Information campaign for conservation of the Egyptian Vulture[ 2009-12-01 11:10:47 ]


In october 2009 more than 400 copies of the calendar for 2010 raising awareness of the conservation of the Egyptian Vulture were distributed in about 110 villages and towns in the areas of distribution of the species in Bulgaria, mainly in the regions of the Eastern Rhodopes, Provadiysko-Royaksko Plateau, Roussenski Lom and Eastern Stara planina.

Most of the calendars were distributed among majors of villages, livestock owners, local people, shops and public pubs, schools, cultural clubs, municipalities, representatives of hunting-fishery associations, foresters, officers from Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters, mountain huts and others. During the distribution of the calendars the threats for the species and the possibility of its soon extinction from the country were always presented. The need of its conservation was explaned and how everybody can help.

The activity is conducted within the project “Conservation measures for a flagship bird species in the East of Bulgaria:The Egyptian Vulture”, funded by Rufford Small Grants Foundation.