Pupils in Burgas and the Eastern Rhodopes got to know about the Egyptian Vulture and White-Headed Duck [ 2010-02-02 10:55:15 ]


More than 20 multimedia presentations were made at schools in the regions of Burgas and the Eastern Rhodopes about the threats, mode of living and necessity of protection of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) And White-Headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala).

The presentations’ objective was raising the ecological culture level of the pupils in the regions which are key ones for the conservation of the two species mentioned above. The presentations were carried out within the frames of the project “Voice and sight for the endangered birds financed by M-Tel ECO Grant. The main goal of the project is to rise up the awareness and public support for the Egyptian Vulture and White-Headed Duck which would be a major and secure guarantee for their effective protection.
Members of BSPB – Haskovo gave out 11 educational lectures at schools and culture clubs in the Eastern Rhodopes region with a view to popularizing the protection of the Egyptian Vulture which is endangered by disappearing.

Pupils, teachers and students attended a series of multimedia presentations revealing the work of the BSPB as regards the protection of the Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria, the condition of this species in the Balkans, Europe and Asia Minor. The pupils learned also about the migration and wintering of the vultures in Africa, and about the dangers that are menacing them there, a swell as how the and their schools can get involved in the activities aimed at the protection of endangered species and their habitats. Some of the young people who have attended the lectures are already a part of the nature protection and educational activities of the Society, and others, hopefully, are going to join, as well. The most pro-active children as well as every biology club obtained calendars, posters, stickers and brochures.

We are thanking the teachers and school directors who helped for the organizing of the presentations. The lectures took place at the following secondary schools: “Father Paisij” in the town of Kurdjali, “Peter Beron” and “Nikola Vaptsarov” in the town of Momchilgrad, “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” in the village of Nanovitsa, “Vasil Levski” in the village of Raven, “Hristo Smirnenski” and “Vasil Levski” in the town of Krumovgrad, “Dimiter Madjarov” in the town of Madjarovo, “Ivan Vazov” in the village of Potochnitsa, “Nikola Vaptsarov” in the village of Zvezdel, “Obedinenie” Culture Club in the town of Kurdjali.

The lectures from BSPB – Haskovo were delivered by Ivajlo Angelov, Sanie Mumun, Volen Arkumarev and Tsvetomira Yotsova.

Multimedia presentations were carried out also in Burgas County. The topic thereof was related to the threats, mode of living and necessity of protection of the White-Headed Duck (Oxyura Leucocephala). This species is included in the World Red List with “endangered” status. One of the biggest and most important wintering locations of the species in South-East Europe is to be found in the Burgas Lakes region in Bulgaria. Every winter between 170 and 2230 birds are gathering here. The lack of nature protection culture and the ignorance of the species on the part of hunters are among the reasons for shooting and troubling. In the carrying out of the presentation events got involved also the volunteers of BSPB – Burgas to whom we are very thankful.

We believe that through the multimedia presentations delivered we have succeeded in contribute to the protection of the two endangered species and in helping for the improvement of nature protection culture in our society.

More about the M-Tel EKO Grant you can learn from the site: www.mtel.bg.

Valentina Angelova
BSPB – Burgas

Translated by: Prolet Ilieva