New methodology for supplementary feeding of Egyptian Vultures in Bulgaria [ 2010-06-07 11:52:39 ]


In 2010 BSPB started an experimentation of a new methodology for supplementary feeding for the population of the Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria. Novelty in this method the use of small quantities of food (up to 1 kg), placed on specially chosen places. The feeding is necessary to provide extra amount of safe food, which will contribute to increase the nest success and to decrease the risk of poisoning. The feeding proved to be extremely important and decisive factor for the continuation of the breeding of one pair of Egyptian Vulture, where the male disappeared 5 days before hatching but the female continued to incubate and hatched one chick. In the subsequent already more than 20 days the survival and growth of the chick was fully dependent of the provided food by us.

In May and April a total of 30 artificial feedings have been done. In 19 out of 22 feedings with subsequent monitoring, the vultures accepted the food.

For the implementation of this activity we express our gratitude to Dimitar Nedelchev, Jivko Barzov, Radoslav Tsvetkov, Viktor Vasilev, Milena Milanova, Petar Madjarov, Anna Staneva, Ivaylo Dimchev, Dimitar Georgiev (tourist company “Neophron”) and Milko Belberov and Georgi Georgiev (administration of nature park “Rusenski Lom”).

This activity is funded by Rufford Small Grants Foundation, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and the tourist company “Neophron”.