Suffering Egyptian vulture rescued and saved thanks to conscientious community of Glavinitsa [ 2011-05-16 05:17:45 ]

On May 12th 2011 one Egyptian Vulture with symptoms of food poisoning was found by local people in the surroundings of the village Listets, municipality of Glavinitsa, region Silistra. Thanks to the signal given by conscientious people, the vulture was taken from the nest, later at night, by team of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center – Stara Zagora. Immediately the bird was given first aid and up to this moment its condition is improving.

About three years earlier, on 1st of August 2008, the same bird was ringed with color plastic and standart metal rings in a nest in The Eastern Rhodopes, in NATURA 2000 site Krumovitsa, municipality of Krumovgrad.

In Bulgaria the Egyptian Vulture is critically threatened of extinction, with national population of about 30 pairs аnd less than 100 pairs for all Balkans. In the last 3 years, as part of the conservation program for the species, team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds has ringed almost all of the fledglings of the species in the country, 77 chicks has been ringed till now.

The Egyptian Vultures reach maturity after passing their fifth year and till then they spend their life in Africa, South of the Sahara, where they winter. They do a lot of wandering before reaching third and fourth year. After that they return in Bulgaria to search for breeding territory. The period of wandering is the most dangerous for the vultures аnd during it they are extremely endangered, mainly by consuming of toxic food, mortality of electricity while perching on dangerous electric pole and of unconscientious hunters.

The main threat for the Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria is the high mortality from different poisonings – mostly the illegal use of poison. Even thrown poisoned rats can cause poisoning and mortality of these extremely rare birds.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mesut Alish – a deputy mayor of the municipality Glavinitsa, Bulent Mumun – a forest guard of village Listec, Basri Ahmet – a herdsman in Listets village, Krasimir Kirow – a biology expert, who has contacted with the teams of BSPB and Green Balkans, Dimitar Nedelchev, who helped to transport the bird and to Dr. Jovko Haralanov, who gave the first aid and sheltered the strange patient.

We hope to see the bird rehabilitated very soon and to return it to the wild nature.

For more information about the rescued bird : Dr. Hristina Klisurova - Green Balkans: Telephone: 0886 57 00 53

For more information about the status of the Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria: Ivailo Angelov: Telephone: 0878 59 93 81